Anne & Blitzit



My husband, 3 boys and I came to NZ from the UK in 2006. I had formerly spent 15 years Health Visiting. I transferred to Plunket but quickly realised that it was very different. Having always loved organising and decluttering, I decided to follow my dream and make it my new profession!

I became a member of AAPO ( Australasian Association of Professional Organisers) and attended the conference in Christchurch.

My business has developed mainly by recommendation.

With three active boys, my organisational skills have proved very useful although my desire for a tidy home has been more challenging.

BLITZIT has transformed people’s lives and their lifestyle.

“Let my time create your space”

Blitzit Advocacies

  • Be kind to clients! I believe that customers are always right.

  • Look at the room and carefully observe on how to transform it the perfect way.

  • Improvise an existing storage container; that is trying to recycle present resources before purchasing another one.

  • Take unwanted objects to charity shops, friends and family, Trade me and recycling centre.

  • Zero unwanted items left after Blitzit! Do I love or still need these?

  • Include a plan for the future for individuals and families.

  • Take a moment before making a purchase. Ask yourself, where will it go? Do I need it? It is best to consider this one good rule before purchasing, bring one in and take one out!