Anne Barron is a professional organiser. She understands that many people feel incredibly anxious and overwhelmed by clutter. Using a sympathetic and methodical approach your home will be transformed into an organised and clear environment. Your mind and wellbeing will also be enhanced.

Services offered:


  • Items are systematically sorted into keep, give away or return and sell.
  • Unwanted items can be delivered to charity shops or sold on Trade Me .
  • If necessary skips can be booked or items disposed at the recycling centre.


  • Organising household tasks, meal plans, weekly family timetables [planners available]
  • Care of the elderly and ill patients with basic nursing care. [former Registered Nurse]
  • Acting as mediator when dividing possessions after divorce or a death

3. Moving Location

  • Enhancing your home for Open homes by maximising illusion of space
  • Carefully packing and labelling items ready to move
  • Unpacking and organising kitchens, making beds, organising your first meal etc on moving day

 4. Offices

  • Organising efficient office systems
  • Documents filed methodically
  • Clear desks!
  • Productivity increase guaranteed!!

 5.  Rental properties

  • Inspections and management



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Before and After Examples:

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