Blitzit Experiences

  • The customers experience is the most important factor regarding Blitzit.  References available on request.

    Here are some examples:

    • Anne helped our mother declutter her entire house, which was probably 50 years worth of accumulation. A key thing for us was that Anne organised the removal/redistribution of anything that Mum did not want / need to keep, so it didn’t just end up in a pile in the garage. Because of her help, we were able to move Mum into a smaller apartment. We also appreciated the manner in which Anne worked with Mum, helping her make decisions but without pressure, as well as checking in with us and keeping us up-to-date. Couldn’t recommend Anne more highly.


    • Thanks a million Anne, your warm, capable, calm presence and skill in organising has made a huge difference to our family and I feel I can carry on with doing more myself now with renewed energy and motivation! With our busy lives, it’s so easy for things to get on top of us, especially when we have a somewhat “maximalist” way of living! 😂
      We will definitely stay in touch and would love to have you back for more once we have worked out what we are doing next. Take care! Kate S


    • Anne was exactly the kind, patient and energetic soul that I desperately needed to help me assess, prioritise and organise me and my chaos.  She did such a great job with my pantry/laundry that I booked her to come back and do my home office and spare bedroom – it was so cathartic and Anne made it all such a positive experience.  And given the sense of calm and accomplishment and efficiency I now have, it was fantastic value for money.  Thank you so much Anne – you are magical !! 


    • Anne went above and beyond to help me organize my new home, nothing was too much trouble. She provided me with loads of tips and tricks to keep everything organised and in its correct place. Thanks again Anne, Fiona


    • ‘We had not been able to really sort out our garage in many years being busy working and with two young kids. It is such a great space but had become quite overwhelming. Anne came with a positive, calm and ‘let’s get going’ attitude and took control. It was a joy to work alongside Anne and see box after box getting sorted and cleared out. Anne made the whole process easy. Our garage has never looked better, so organised, with things easy to see and reach and with so much space!!!! Can’t recommend Anne highly enough.’ 


    • I highly recommend Anne from BlitZit to help you get organised. She was friendly, professional, down-to-earth and very helpful. Anne helped me to organise my pantry, kitchen, bedroom, lounge, spare room and garage. Whew! Awesome work by us both! Shireen


    •  I had Anne come back to help with changing my wardrobe from winter to summer. I have started it myself a couple weeks ago ( by taking the clothes out of their wardrobes), but this was were the mountain of clothes was parked until yesterday when Anne took control of the situation. It’s great to be able to see all my summer clothing organised and out there for an easy pick. This will also make it easy at the end of the season, to have an overview of what items were not used and eventually getting rid of them. Thank you Anne, will see you again soon.


    • Definitely the best decision I ever made and certainly the best value. We blitzed the pantry and it worked so well that I immediately booked Anne to come again… twice!! Now my office, living areas and pantry all operate neatly and efficiently. Thank you so much Anne for coming to my rescue.  Joanne H
    • When I found & called Anne to help me with my dressing room I was feeling like I was carrying all the weight of all those pilled up clothes and everything else scattered around that room. In the past when ever I tidy up, it would look nice for very short time and then back to long months of keeping that dressing room door shut to look in there only when needed ( and to stop others seeing the clutter). But now, thanks to Anne, I can see my floor space again, items are grouped and put together by their category and use. Apart from finding a place for everything that used to be spread around, looking tidy and smartly put together, one major difference compared to my previous attempts is now having an efficient system in place. It is an incredible transformation, the weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I feel liberated and free to move on with things. Not to mention, that door can now be largely open at any time 🙂 Thank you Anne for being such a kind person and for being the talented organiser that you are, I wish everyone would have an Anne in their life xx


    • Being a busy mum with 3 children, I knew what needed to be done, but just needed to be held accountable for my time and get some advice on how best to organise my kitchen. Anne was just what I needed to get the job done, no messing around, super efficient and organised with a lovely gentle manner. She was happy for me to work alongside her and now I feel like I’ve had the little nudge I needed to get things done, feeling a lot less overwhelmed. Thank you Anne, you are a star Stef M


    • Anne , your amazing. Not only did you de-clutter, but you organised my pantry completely. Everything is now at my finger tips. You were so helpful. I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone. I would (and will) definitely use you again . Anne sorted out my mess with no stress Once again, thank you Anne, Mary B


    • Anne was very helpful and supportive of a difficult task.  She wasn’t judgemental, and had some great ideas and advice.  I wouldn’t hesitate in using her service again. Alison


    • Anne does an amazing job at organizing houses. I was impressed with how much we got through in the short time. I would recommend her to everyone – it does not matter how long you have lived at your house. The tips she shares make so much sense. Anne has a lovely manner and the whole experience has made my house look amazing. Thanks Anne I enjoyed working with you and will certainly have you back. Paula


    • Dearest Anne.  I have been wanting to write and say a HUGE thank you for your help with organizing the garage, kitchen, office and my husbands wardrobe.  I have just read the messages other people have written about you, and I have to say that I agree with all of them.  You are such a special lady with such a kind heart.  Your ability to re-organize is incredible.  I don’t know how on earth you manage to do what you do.  Your ability to make sense of something which feels overwhelming and daunting to others is incredible.  Thank you for putting some order and calm back into my life.  You have taken a weight off my shoulders and I am so grateful. Tania


    • Anne was just the inspiration we needed to tidy our garage and front room for my 50th . Anne has a lovely manner and gently wrangles your mess and removes the stress. Thanks so much Anne.


    • Anne faced quite a challenge helping me through my downsize and de-cluttering after a lifetime of collecting ‘stuff”. I found Anne thoroughly professional, but with a lovely balance of warmth and friendliness as well. She was never bossy, but tactfully and kindly guided me through a difficult time, making it less stressful. She also has a talent for organising and maximising space that is second to none. I would recommend Anne to anyone requiring her excellent services to organise and tidy up a living space. She really is a gem. Thank you, Anne!  Erin E


    • “I was in such a muddle I didn’t know where to start. After the earthquakes we had packed up several times to have our EQC work done. Everything seemed to be thrown in the garage and life had become unbearable as I didn’t know where to find anything. Anne was a breath of fresh air when she came in to help, no horrified looks or judgement … she just got on and we sorted through until we got to a stage where I could carry on with the last things myself.


    • Honestly I feel so relieved as I now know where to look for things. Thanks so much Anne I could never have done this on my own! “- Alison S


    • Anne was such a treat to meet you. Delighted with what we achieved. Thank you so much, and gosh feel like a weight lifted. Kate S


    • How could you do such wonders in such a short time ? I am in awe.  Struggling with my bedroom, but will make it with your inspiration Kate H


    • Anne was a fantastic help with organising my home! We managed to get more done in the 4 hours than I had anticipated, and it’s SO nice having a clean and tidy living space and pantry! Thanks so much Anne. – Rachel 


    • Thank you so much Anne, your influence on the house was remarkable, My partner came home to it as a surprise and was speechless but expressed tears of joy!! There is now a flow through the house and it’s delightful to live in – I really appreciated the way you made decisions that were based on logic and accessibility and made order of things, it was easy to make it look pretty after that was in place. Many thanks! – Kitty


    • “Whilst being 36 weeks pregnant with my first child you would expect I had the desire to “nest” as some would say which would result in decluttering parts of my house. Safe to say the desire to rearrange my kitchen which was 3/4 renovated/completed when we bought the house 6mths ago was minimal and this particular task I found daunting! I just needed that 2nd opinion, that instant vision of the potential my kitchen had for better use of storage and it’s functionality. That’s where Anne from Blitzit came and worked wonders. She instantly made me feel comfortable with my decision to ask for help and her suggestions about the arrangements of my cupboards were all very practical and extremely logical. We are so satisfied with the result and with Anne’s friendly, competent, and efficient manner; money well spent. Couldn’t recommend more highly!” – Amy 


    • “Every time you come I feel a little lighter around the shoulders – you’ve made such a difference to my life and wellbeing!” – Jennie 


    • “Thank you so much Anne for helping me “get my life back” I was feeling completely at a loss and hit a brick wall, feeling overwhelmed and just unable to get past the “clutter”. You beautifully, kindly, and with empathy came and assisted me to put some great organisational system in place and tidy some of the big areas I was finding to be so daunting. The spare bedroom, the sewing and craft room and even my pantry, are now places of pleasure. You are one very special lady with Excellent skills and a great heart.” – Norelly


    • “Wow that looks amazing! Thanks so much Anne, mum is so happy with the result, I’m sure it’s alleviated some of her stress!” – Christine


    •  “Anne was amazing !!I am reasonably tidy but Anne steps this up to another level. She implements a system so that it will stay tidy for longer. I highly recommend Anne.” – Angela 


    • “The best money spent!  Everything is so organised and clutter-free and so easy to maintain. Anne was amazing!” – Julie


    • “I wanted to find the time to sort out our kitchen but it never quite happened. Scheduling a session with Anne was a great way to get it done. She is awesome to brainstorm with to come up with options that work the best for you. My pantry is slimmed down significantly and is so much easier to work with! It is such a relief to get everything organised and in its place. – Thanks Anne.” – Jonanne 

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